Update on the 3SC Digital Proposition

Representatives of the 3SC have met officials from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to discuss the 3SC digital proposition.

The 3SC welcomed the announcement in the Autumn Statement that Government will be allocating extra funds to develop fibre infrastructure. This is essential to improving connectivity for residents and businesses, whilst also ensuring that the UK is ready to embrace emerging 5G technologies.

Across Surrey, East and West Sussex there are pockets with little or no broadband connection which can be challenging for residents and businesses. The 3SC will work with Government and commercial companies to remove the barriers that have previously stood in the way of wider network rollout.

The 3SC is also working with the 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey to develop applications that use 5G to address some of the problems faced locally. For example, the 3SC will pilot the use of digital technologies and data to inform the way that health and social care are provided, enabling the pressures caused by rising demand to be managed more efficiently.

Officials at the meeting on 28 November welcomed the proposals and were impressed with the work already underway in the area. They strongly encouraged the 3SC to continue developing an area-wide digital vision, recognising the benefits this would have for residents and businesses.

The 3SC will work on its digital proposition before further conversations with Government in the New Year.


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