The Bid

East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey are known as the Three Southern Counties or the 3SC. The combined GVA of Sussex and Surrey is £67.3 billion which is bigger than both the whole of Wales (£52 billion) and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (£56 billion).

The population (2,507,900) is comparable to that of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (2,714,900). The population is forecast to rise to almost three million by 2037. At the heart of our devolution offer is a commitment to work with Government to deliver strong and sustainable economic growth, enhance productivity, transform public services and build on our track record for fiscal efficiency.

Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council and spokesperson for 3SC, said: s_13822

“Our region plays a critical role in the UK’s economy and we must nurture that. I’m excited to be taking forward our proposals with my colleagues from East Sussex and Surrey County Councils and I know we will all be working closely with our respective district and borough councils who will be key to making this a success.

“I do think devolution is the future for local government. It is as exciting as it is challenging. But it will allow us to deal with those difficult issues so much better if we have greater powers and freedoms. Such opportunities do not happen often in local government but if and when they do we should embrace them for the benefit of those we serve.”

The full devolution prospectus can be viewed here.

Click on the following link to see the document  the-three-southern-counties-an-investment-deal-for-everyone