Public Service Reform

The 3SC area faces demographic challenges that will put significant pressure on public resources in future years. For example, the population of Surrey, East and West Sussex contains more residents over the age of 75 than the average for England.  This group is expected to continue to grow significantly, along with more complicated care needs.  While many residents in the 3SC experience a good quality of life, there are communities, families and individuals with high levels of complex needs, including mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and offending behaviours.

The 3SC recognises the need to ensure that public services are designed in such a way as to remove duplication, shift to preventative services and reduce costs in order to improve outcomes for residents. Transformative work is already underway in the 3SC area, with a strong track record of working with wider public sector partners in a whole system way.

How will devolution help?

The 3SC partners will address the underlying social problems that continue to be prevalent in local areas – and hold back economic growth – as well as the duplication and disconnection between services that hamper effective delivery of better outcomes for residents.

We will continue to build on the strong local innovation and best practice that already exists.  Using data and understanding of place, public sector partners will develop locally relevant, evidenced-led approaches and evaluate to understand better what works. The 3SC partners will operate at the right geography for effective delivery and ensure that the good local practice is enhanced not hindered. Partners will collaborate to share learning and best practice to accelerate progress and scale up where greater impact and value for money can be achieved.

Central government will work with the 3SC partners to support this process and enable faster and more extensive transformation.  This is through a range of means:  removing legislative and regulatory barriers where they hamper integrated working; enabling better access to data; providing greater local influence over nationally commissioned services; joining up government policy and funding to align better to local priorities; providing access to government transformation funding to facilitate whole system change.

Public Service Reform workstream:

The Public Service Reform workstream is made up of officers from across the partner authorities and is led by:

CEO Sponsor: David McNulty, Surrey County Council

Workstream lead: Mary Burguieres, Surrey County Council