Growth and prosperity at heart of meeting with HM Treasury

On Monday five representatives of the 3SC bid met officials at HM Treasury to discuss the Sussex and Surrey proposal in more detail.

The purpose of the meeting was to further explore the economic proposals involved in the 3SC bid, which has growth and prosperity at its core. The region is a major contributor to the UK economy and can offer even more with greater control of infrastructure and skills provision.

This would entail increased fiscal autonomy – with more decisions on how to spend within the 3SC region being taken at the local level. Ideas for how this could be achieved in the 3SC bid, which has a fiscal programme as one of its key workstreams, will form the basis of discussion with the Treasury.

Meanwhile, the 3SC partnership will continue to have discussions with the Department for Communities and Local Government, which have already been productive and successful. Support from both government departments will be essential to a successful bi


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