Letter from Baroness Williams

A letter from Baroness Williams to Councillor Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council :

Dear Louise

 I was pleased to be able to meet with you and colleagues from the Three Southern Counties Region to discuss your devolution proposals recently. Thank you to you and the team for the work that you have put into this since we last spoke; it is clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into this, and I look forward to seeing how this work develops going forward.

 I would encourage you to continue to liaise with officials at DCLG to work up your prioritised asks, as well as to be clear as to what asks you need devolution for, and what the area could already do without any devolved powers or funding. As I explained in the challenge session, it is important – for all your asks – that you consider the appropriate accountability structures needed, but this should not delay you in carrying forward those areas that you can already deliver and will make a real difference to the region. Your Cities and Local Growth Relationship Manager Philip Carr (Philip.carr@bis.gsi.gov.uk) will continue to help you with this moving forward.

I hope to be able to meet with you again in the near future to see the progress that has been made.

Best wishes,

Baroness Williams of Trafford


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